Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Our audiologists are extensively trained to provide diagnostic hearing evaluations for all ages. We work closely with your physicians and other care providers to find the best solution for you. Your family is always encouraged to attend appointments.

Upon completing your hearing evaluation, our audiologists will discuss your test results and answer any questions that you may have regarding your hearing loss. If hearing aids are recommended, the audiologist will discuss appropriate amplification options with you. We are locally owned and operated and we work with most insurance programs.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow-Up

Upper Peninsula Audiology offers the latest digital technology in a variety of hearing aid styles from today’s leading manufacturers that are at the forefront of research and technology. Moreover, we provide counseling to help you communicate more effectively with your family and friends and adjust to your hearing aids. We use the most advanced fitting methods and equipment and verify all of our fittings. We also encourage return visits in order to fine tune your hearing aids so you are hearing optimally.

We believe that an educated patient is a happy patient. We want you to understand your hearing loss and the options that are available to you.

Cochlear Implant Evaluations and Adjustments

We are now the only audiology clinic in the Upper Peninsula offering cochlear implant evaluations. Are hearing aids no longer helping you? Do you miss conversations, even in quiet? Call our office to discuss the next step beyond hearing aids and schedule an evaluation with one of our providers.

Custom Hearing Protection and Swim Plugs

Custom hearing protection is the perfect way to seal out the noise and preserve your hearing. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, using it for your job, or trying to block out the person next to you that is snoring, we can find the right hearing protection for you.

Industrial Hearing Protection

We offer on site services for companies that would like to outfit their entire company with custom hearing protection. Call us to discuss how custom hearing protection could save you thousands of dollars every year over disposable hearing protection.

Newborn Hearing Screenings

Has your infant failed a newborn hearing screening in the hospital? We can retest your baby’s hearing and advise you on further care if your child does have a hearing loss.